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aRc was founded by Rachel Triplow, to help people choose strong brands that don’t conflict with others.

The name “aRc” was chosen as its a play on Rachel’s initials (which used to sound like ARCADY), and it captures the symbols @®© which represent the type of law she loves as she gets to be a positive part of a creative process.

Rachel has specialised in intellectual property law for 20 years, during which time she has:

  • been the Assistant Commissioner of Trade Marks, heading the Trade Marks team at the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand;
  • led the Christchurch Trade Marks team at a national IP firm;
  • been the sole UK inhouse counsel for an international IT / IP company; and
  • worked as General Counsel and Company Secretary for an ASX listed IP commercialisation company.

During her years in IP law, Rachel has learned that many start up companies are either not aware of the importance that intellectual property should play in their business plans, or cannot afford to seek advice on the subject.  Through her network of contacts with those who support start up companies (including mentors, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers and marketing experts), Rachel aims to provide accessible, affordable assistance to our great innovators.

Rachel now lives in Christchurch where she is an amateur wife, trainee mum, and experienced earthquake survivor (with great tips on escaping a 20 story building when you’re 6 months pregnant if needed).

Contact Details

Rachel Triplow
Mobile: 021 067 4709
Post: PO Box 3731, Christchurch 8140

If you have any questions about your branding please contact Rachel on or 021 067 4709

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